Leverage content to create a loyal brand following and increase sales

You have a story to share.

You want a meaningful connection with your audience. 

You need a smart content marketing strategy to help turn leads into sales.

Content strategy and creation require time, strong copywriting, and the skill to tell your brand story across multiple platforms.

This is where I come in. I'm an experienced writer and creator with a sharp creative eye. I produce content that has VALUE for your audience. VALUE is key to generating customer engagement. My job is to familiarize myself with your stakeholders and your competitors to make your content and unique view, stand out.

Working with me is easy. I care about your company's reputation and success the way I would my own because I enjoy helping others reach their marketing goals. I take the stress out of content planning and execution. Whether you are a content novice or a bonafide expert, I will bring your brand communications to life and help you influence your target audience. 

I get to the heart of your message 

and deliver results by: 

  • Aligning your communications to your business goals

  • Creating content your audience values

  • Capturing your brand's authentic voice

  • Taking the stress of content creation off your hands

  • Consumers need...

    to feel that you understand and value them

    Leveraging existing research, I take what I learn about your customer and help you understand and connect with your audience so they remain loyal to your brand. 

  • Consumers need...

    to trust you before they are willing to buy

    My expertise is in creating a variety of engaging, clear, and compelling content that speaks to your target audience, captures their interests, and motivates them to do business. 

  • Consumers need...

    you to solve their problems better than others

    Using competitive analysis and industry research, I provide advice on the best content marketing strategies for your business.

What is content marketing? 

Content marketing is the creation and promotion of materials that do not explicitly promote your brand (sales collateral) but is considered valuable and relevant information by your customer

Good content is valuable and relevant if it does one of three things:educate, solve a problem, or entertain. 

Content takes many forms. Blog posts, videos, infographics, articles, and reports, for example, are intended to stimulate interest in products or services. Since your audience has to find it valuable, ask yourself, why would a potential customer visit my site other than to purchase my product or service?

Content marketing is how you establish trust and authority with your customers. This leads to a pipeline of potential and repeat business. 

Mansura Ghaffar

Writer & Content Strategist

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