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~ Pablo Picasso

Writing is my art, my pleasure, and my pain. Join my journey by sampling the work below. 

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Image by Brooke Cagle

What Workplace Diversity Ought to Mean

"I can accept that change occurs incrementally, but the devastation that comes from not expediting change is profound on our communities."

Image by Timothy Eberly

4 Ways to Jumpstart Your Confidence

"...it reinforces a powerful truth: that you possess the capacity to succeed."

How I Found Love In An Arranged Marriage

"My nontraditional romance taught me how to put myself first."

Image by Elias Castillo

When Do You Cease Being An Immigrant?

"...the label of immigrant weighs heavy on me because I don’t know which interpretation sticks — that of the unwelcome foreigner or the embodiment of the American Dream."

Image by Luis Talon

The Communications Mating Dance

"Accept that navigating the personalities of your respective leaders is a key component in determining how successfully you are going to advise them."

The Dichotomy of South Asian Privilage

"Like other minorities, South Asians combat negative stereotypes that are projected on their race; however, they leverage the aforementioned stereotypes that place them on a higher footing than other minority groups."

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