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Frequently Asked Questions about Content Creation, Marketing, and Hiring a Content Writer

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is when you create and share materials that do not explicitly promote your brand (sales collateral). Content marketing is how you establish trust and authority with your customers. This leads to a pipeline of potential and repeat business. 

Why does my company need a content marketing strategy? 

Because audiences are tired of the hard sell, and because we're living in the era of free information. Consumers are interested in what you have to offer than outside of your product. 

Is advertising the same as content marketing? 

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What does good content look like? 

Good content is original and can take many forms. Blog posts, case studies, videos, infographics, media articles, and social media posts, are all examples of content. However, the content you create needs to be considered valuable and relevant to your potential customer. 

Good content is valuable and relevant if it does one of three things:educate, solve a problem, or entertain. 

Since your audience has to find your content valuable, ask yourself, why would a potential customer visit my website or social channels other than to purchase my product or service?


What do "value" and "relevance" have to do with content marketing?

Customers have questions they want to be answered and are looking for specific information when they are online. Their time is limited and your competition is stiff. So you need to gives customers a reason to show up and care about your brand. If you don't value your customers' time by providing them with information or content they want to consume, then 

How much does a freelance content writer cost?


How do I find a good digital content writer? 


How do you interview a digital content writer?


Is content writing in demand?


Is content writing hard? 

Why do you need a content writer?

What is an SEO specialist? 

What are the types of content writing?


Mansura Ghaffar

SEO Content Writer and Strategist

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